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what exactly we do?

  • brand communication
  • brand development
  • brand formation
  • event management

brand communication

for those who ask how it works, a brief calendar!

process of getting to know the customer better.
brief from customer.
determination of aims and expectations.
sector examination.analysis of competitors.
assessment of all data.brand placement work.
formation of communication strategy.
preparation of communication plan in line with strategy.

brand development

hitchhike securely on the development journey coordination of the formation of audiovisual identity.

orientation of advertisement work with advertising agency.
formation of brand corporate identity.
formation of mutual language of the brand.
staff training to support formation of the mutual language.
reinforcement of brand development.
monitoring of developments in the sector.
formation of communication strategy.
foundation of cross marketing, synergy agreements and sponsorship relations.
personal communication strategies training.

brand formation

the irresistible attraction ofsaying “we have succeeded”.

formation of strategies for press relations.
writing, preparing, distributing and following up releases.
organization of events in full detail.
coordination with 3rd party companies.
management of prestige relations.

event management

for those who mix work and entertainmenttheme suggestions for event.
development of approved theme.
budget preparation and management.

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